Hello and welcome to our spinning machine blog. Here we would like to explain more information about our spinning machines and our services. Briefly summarized and to the point. If you have any questions about the machines or would like to have topics described in more detail, I look forward to hearing from you at: g.klekamp@abacus-gmbh.de

The new blog

In this episode we present the idea behind this bolg. What do we want to show and what will the upcoming episodes be about.

Episode 1 - what is metal spinning

What is metal spinning and where are the differences to other processes

Episode 2 - how it works

Simple - explained briefly and clearly. Metal spinning - this is how it works!

Episode 3 - it's possible with us

We have the right machine for your product and of course in the best equipment for you.

Episode 4 - why spinning verticaly

Why are PREMO spinning machines designed and built vertically?

Episode 5 - the spinning roller turret

Why do you need 4 spinning rollers? What are the advantages?

Episode 6 - secondary tool turret

What can you do with it?

Episode 7 - Multifunction axle

Multi and function - here it comes together

Episode 8 - Spinning2go

The finished product in one clamping

Episode 9 - Freeformspinning

Without a mould to the finished product!

Episode 10 - Smart Service 4.0

Welcome to PREMO digital

Episode 11 - Force Feedback

We give back the feeling