Spinning lathes PREMO-Series

Drückmaschine, PREMO 600, Abacus GmbH, Metalldrücken

The use of servo drives and the absence of hydraulics enables up to 60% more energy efficiency. The greatly shortened conversion and production times, a high reproducible production quality and low maintenance costs are further important features of the new series of "PREMO" spinning lathes. Due to the vertical arrangement of the main spindle, the accessibility to the mold is significantly improved and the overall length is shortened. Another innovation to our series of spinning lathes machines is an improved edge height adjusting device, which also ensures a sharp edge in larger round blanks. Our custom developed software, guarantees simple and flexible operation. Revolutionary features such as spinning to go, automatic sickles, or cornering round off the package.

The entire PREMO series of spinning lathes has a main turret and optionally a secondary turret. As an alternative to the secondary turret, all spinning lathes can be delivered as a "gemini" variant. The secondary turret is replaced by a further main turret. This significantly increases the production cycle and production quality.

In order to obtain an overview of the functionality and the innovative features of our series of spinning lathes, the PREMO 600 will be available from 10.07.2017 at Abacus demonstrations. Take advantage of the opportunity and arrange your personal demonstration date at info@abacus-gmbh.de or give us a call.

We look forward to you.


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