From spinning to multitasking: PREMO 1200

Drückmaschine, PREMO 1200, Abacus GmbH, Metalldrücken, Frontaufnahme

The PREMO 1200 gemini is able to process round discs with a thickness of up to 12mm. In contrast to the 600 model, the PREMO 1200 gemini has 16 servo-driven axles and two main turrets, which can process the blanks simultaneously and perfectly. With the use of two spooling rollers, the forming speed can be significantly increased and thus the processing time can be shortened. Furthermore, the pivot axis of the contour of the workpiece adjusts itself. This ensures a high production quality. The PREMO 1200 is controlled by the specially developed software PREMO Agent. This is similar to a Swiss pocket knife and includes all functions such as turning, drilling, engraving, projecting, sickling, ...

The prototype was already delivered to Sweden and integrated into the production chain. For further information please contact us at

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