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World premiere Fire and Ice

Abacus launches a new era of spinning machines

After intensive co-operation with our customer and many new innovations by our engineers, the first CNC-controlled "fire & water" spinning machine has been completed and already delivered. Materials such as C4, C22, 2.4819, 14571 and many more, which are difficult to cold-form, can now be formed with CNC-supported temperature control and an output of 2 x 50 kW at up to 1,300 C°.

With two torches in use, new swivelling technology for the axes, controlled by our latest PREMO software, production times are reduced and added value is increased. The new water cooling unit, which cools the workpieces and spinning tools directly and thus extends the service life of the tools, offers particular added value.

Whether aerospace, medical technology or container construction - with PREMO FIRE & ICE, a new era of possible applications for spinning machines has begun.

Mechanical Engineering

Made in Germany - your partner for special requests

Thank you for your interest in Abacus Maschinenbau. You've come to the right place, because quality "Made in Germany" pays off. We ensure binding production standards at the highest level, verifiable, because our services are certified and tested. Whether you are interested in our PREMO series of spinning machines, our special machine construction, our software and control development or our contract manufacturing - at Abacus Maschinenbau, we focus on the highest precision and quality. And you will feel this from your very first contact with us.

With us, you can expect more than "just" standard solutions. This is ensured by our employees and their decades of experience in mechanical engineering. Our technicians and engineers will develop exactly the right solution for you. We combine expertise from a large number of customer projects with state-of-the-art technology and a focus on optimised, highly economical and value-adding manufacturing processes.

To make your project a success, Abacus Maschinenbau integrates the various disciplines working on your order. In this way, we combine customised software solutions with engineering craftsmanship. We keep you reliably informed about the progress of your project at all times. In this way, we ensure that our customers receive personalised and professional support from the initial consultation through to machine handover. Because you are worth it to us.


Our services at a glance

You won't hear a "no" from us. Because that's no way to start a collaboration. In the successful history of Abacus Maschinenbau, we have often done things that others have not dared to do. Like building horizontal spinning machines. Our curiosity and appetite for technical challenges are what make us special - and the perfect partner for you. Get to know us, it's worth it. Here is an overview of our services.

Drückmaschine, PREMO 600, Abacus GmbH, Metalldrücken

Spinning machine PREMO

Metal spinning in Top Form

The use of servo drives and the absence of hydraulics enables up to 60% more energy efficiency. The significantly shortened conversion and production times, a high reproducible production quality and low maintenance costs are further essential features of the new series of "PREMO" spinning lathes.



If you have decided to work with Abacus, the first step is to get to know our design team. In this phase, we listen to you and, through our engineers and technicians, ensure that your idea first becomes a project and then a finished machine.

We promise that your ideas will benefit from our design expertise. We bring the two together and place the highest value on quality and efficiency. You benefit from this just as much as we do.

Software development

Hardly anything works today without software. Our machines are also dependent on the right information. With in-house software development, we guarantee you the best possible performance and efficient machine control.

Our developers also ensure that your individual wishes and requirements are taken into account in a targeted manner.

Control system engineering

We design, programme and integrate the right automation and technology into your production line to optimise productivity and thus improve added value.

We think and plan automation from A to Z, from the pallet system to the connection of robots to the transfer to other connected plants and systems. Naturally including the software connection to the entire system. Abacus Maschinenbau provides all of this from a single source.

CNC Milling/ CNC Turning

You can also benefit from our modern machinery in contract manufacturing.

We employ a highly qualified team in the areas of CNC milling and CNC turning, which will develop and machine the right solution for you, from small to large series, from simple to complex components. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.


Eroding is our speciality. Wire eroding and EDM drilling complete our range of CNC contract manufacturing services. Here too, a competent team with modern 5-axis machines awaits you and will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

We combine modern technology with human experience. The interplay of both factors is an advantage for you, as we ensure efficiency and reliability throughout the entire production process at Abacus Maschinenbau.

Manufacture/ Installation

Our fitters in electrical and mechanical assembly are specialists in the construction of small series, complex systems and complete machines, including mechanical and control technology. Switch cabinet construction and software development are also part of our repertoire.

Experience our enthusiasm for challenges, with which we also tackle complex tasks in a solution-orientated manner.


We keep you up to date.

Blechexpo 2023

That was Blechexpo 2023 in Stuttgart. We would like to thank the many visitors for the good and interesting discussions. Our topics at the trade fair this year were

Our highlight: we give back the feeling of pressing.

Force Feedback

With the introduction of CNC technology for these machines, this direct feedback of the spinning process was lost. The wooden bar, which was guided by the spinning operator with his hands, is replaced here by a spinning roller mounted on a motorised axis. The presser controls the movement of the spinning roller via a control unit. In order to be able to optimally "teach" the spinning process for a workpiece into the CNC machine, the spinner now only has to look at the workpiece and perceive the vibration of the machine by ear or through direct contact with the machine for process control.


This type of process feedback is nowhere near as effective as the feedback to the hand, which also carries out the spinning process.
In order to improve this feedback, we plan to make the spinning force and the vibration acting on the spinning roller perceptible to the operator directly on the control panel of the CNC spinning machine by means of force feedback.
This will be realised by measuring the force acting on the spinning roller and then allowing the force to act on the control unit (e.g. joystick or rotary knob) in the opposite direction to that specified by the operator. This creates a retroactive force on the operator's hand, similar to the force felt when guiding the wooden stick.


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A good traid fair in Hannover

Review of a very successful trade fair:

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