Drückmaschine, PREMO 600, Abacus GmbH, Metalldrücken

Additional spinning roller

Spinning roller on the secondary turret

To use the software feature "gemini light" and with two spinning rollers running in parallel, an optional spinning roller holder is fitted on the slave turret.

Another role

To further support the "gemini spinning", another "roller/ball" can be brought into play to perform an undercut.

Changing the spinning rollers

The optional 4-way turret on the main axis with 4 spinning roller holder incl. pre-set spring pack and a change time of < 2 sec. leaves nothing to be desired.

If one is not enough

It may be the case that a spinning roller does not lead to the desired result or a product is difficult to produce with a roller. We have implemented many ideas and good concepts for this. In cooperation with our in-house software, many requirements can be implemented.