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Design is our passion

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Abacus GmbH, Design office

We want to support you with our creativity, constructive knowledge and trade skills to solve problems or to make your ideas a reality. We believe that close cooperation with our customers is an essential key to increasing the quality of the design.

For that reason, we work with high-end CAD systems that enable 3D volume modeling with freeform surface support. This includes the latest version of the 3D system, Solidworks.

Even at this early stage of development you can evaluate the construction and include construction variants thanks to the excellent visual design quality.

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We offer you the complete FEM calculation in 3D and our design know-how in individually selectable steps or as a continuous design process.

Investment in resources for the design division speeds up the overall manufacturing process and guarantees the seamless consistency of your project. Compared to the overall costs of a project the design costs often account for a mere fraction.