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APos EDM, Abacus GmbH, Employees at an APos eroding machine

We developed the Apos high-speed EDM drilling machine series in collaboration with the company Heun GmbH.
We have been successfully manufacturing these machines since 1992, exclusively on behalf of Heun GmbH.

Beyond the actual task of drilling starting holes for wire EDM machines, our equipment is used for a variety of unconventional tasks worldwide.
Various options such as the swivel unit, the turntable, the indexing unit and the electrode changer with a capacity of 60 electrodes of different diameters were developed to suit the varied processing tasks of our customers.

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Abacus GmbH, Apos Eroding machine, Movable table
Abacus GmbH, Apos Eroding machine, Workpiece
Abacus GmbH, Apos Eroding machine, Electrode