Drückmaschine, PREMO 600, Abacus GmbH, Metalldrücken

The first of this kind in the world: PREMO Fire & ICE

CNC controlled heating and cooling

A hot experience for cool spinning moments

We are the first spinning machine manufacturer in the world to integrate fully CNC-controlled heating with fire and cooling with water into a spinning machine. This not only makes a real impression, it also offers a wide range of possible applications and valuable benefits: Materials such as C4, C22, 2.4819, 14571 and many more, which are difficult to cold form, can now be formed with CNC-supported temperature control and an output of 2 x 50 kW at up to 1,300 C°.

Two torches are used for this, as well as a new swivelling technology for the axes, controlled by our latest PREMO software. This combination ensures shorter production times and increased added value. The new water cooling unit, which cools the workpieces and spinning tools directly and thus extends the service life of the tools, offers particular added value.

"I'll never forget the moment when we first put the FIRE & ICE into the spinning machine. Our engineers' eyes lit up like children's at Christmas," recalls Guido Klekamp, Head of Sales and Marketing. "Rarely have we had so much fun pressing discs. But even more importantly, we quickly realised the benefits of the new features in extensive tests. And they will also inspire our customers."

Whether aerospace, medical technology or container construction - the PREMO FIRE & ICE has ushered in a new era of possible applications for spinning machines. Abacus Maschinenbau makes it possible.

Fire and Ice Movie

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