On THE PREMO spinning machines, it can be spun classically via the so-called teach-in, but it can be supported by features such as "generating automatic sickle."



This feature allows you to create the form directly on the PREMO spinning machine. Setup time is reduced, the need for a machine producing the mold is eliminated, and the prototype manufacturing process becomes much faster.



With an optional milling unit, for example, different-shaped hole patterns or engravings can be milled in. This avoids the need to change to a separate processing machine.



Holes can be inserted into the edge of the rim in the process using an optional punch.

Insertions Aids


In order to always place the round blank 100% in the center, a programmable insertion aid is used.



Serial numbers, labels, or any graphics can be engraved on the top surface of the workpiece.  Position and height are variable and independently adjustable.

PREMO spinning machines take spinning to a new level

Spinning is a matter of trust. And you should only trust the best. But what characterises us? Our claim is to combine innovation with healthy pragmatism. We have been living this since day one of PREMO's success story, when we were the first to develop completely new spinning machines. Back then, the market said: "The world spins horizontally - it will never work". We proved the opposite. We plan, design and manufacture our spinning machines with this desire for perfection. You will experience the difference.