Abacus production hall

Right from the start

Right from the start

We are proud of what we have achieved. A success story made in Osnabrück. How did we achieve this? See for yourself.

What sets us apart from others? Quite a lot:

- Where others pitch their machines, we listen first, because that is valuable
- Where others sell standardised solutions, we develop solutions tailored to your customer benefits and needs
- Where others objectify technological progress, we combine progress with emotions (FIRE & ICE) and entertainment (spinning machine blog)
- Where others only optimise the performance features of the spinning machine, we also think about the fingertip feeling of the machine operator (Force Feedback)
- Where others leave the customer alone with the machine, we act holistically and thus ensure maximum customer benefit and satisfaction (software and training offers for optimum machine utilisation)

The good feeling from day one

Why we are the best partner for you:

We start by listening to you. Sounds banal, but it's not. Then we create the right solution for you. That's how we make you and ourselves happy. With the right plan, which our design department then fills with life, we work purposefully and efficiently in machine production. We are your partner throughout the entire process. With Abacus, you have the feeling that you have made the right decision every day from the moment you place your order.

Efficiency that makes the difference

Why can you rely on us?

Quality has its price. It is your trust and your money that you place in our hands. We handle it with care. You have a request -  our response time will delight you. You expect effective progress - our cross-team approach will delight you. Your expectations are not off the shelf - our flexibility is a real game changer. You want to get the best out of the machine - our software and training make it possible. You can trust us. We know what we're doing.

What our customers saying:

"We were looking for a partner that combines engineering craftsmanship with its smart software. We found both with Abacus."

Jan Schneider, Managing Director of HELMUT HEBISCH, Sheet Metal & Metalworking

"Reliability is the most important thing for us when working with other companies. We had a good feeling about Abacus right from the start - and we weren't disappointed."

Andrea Courth, Managing Director of Schnabel Metalldrücktechnik

"We had an idea of what machine we needed, but nothing more. Thanks to Abacus, the idea became reality. And just as we had imagined."

Tharsen Rajaratnam,  Head of work scheduling, Heggli & Gubler AG

Our highlights from more than 30 years of Abacus mechanical engineering

1991 - Founding of the company

Founding of the company in Osnabrück by

Dipl.-Ing. Derk Weber and Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Beling

Production hall measuring approx. 400m2 was rented

CNC contract manufacturing (turning/milling)

2 employees

1992 - Expansion into design

First CAD workstation (Auto CAD)

Custom machine engineering (positioning system, APos100)

4 employees

Prototype, starting hole EDM drilling machine, the APos series: APos 350 motion

1994 - Expansion of the machinery and installation

Small-scale production of starting hole EDM drilling machinery in the APos series; APos 350 and APos 600

6 employees

1996 - Construction of the company premises

Relocation to a new 1600m2 production hall in the Burenkamp industrial estate in Osnabrück

10 employees

Development of the 4th and 5th axis for EDM drilling machines in the APos series

1998 - Expansion of the machinery

4 milling centres, 3 CNC turning machines, boring mill + various small-scale machinery

Expansion of the EDM drilling machinery in the APos series with the APos 1000

Design and construction of various custom machines

15 employees

2000 - Apprentices, additional office premises

Addition of office premises measuring approx. 450m2

New Solid-Works CAD system

Establishing of services in software development

Apprentices in production and administration

20 employees

2003 - Trade fair debut

Trade fair debut at Euromold in Frankfurt

2004 - 1st prize in Innovation Awards

Accolade with the “Innovationspreis des Niedersächsischen Handwerks”

Expansion into custom machines

Further in-house products, HSC 200 milling machine for highly flexible electrode production for spark erosion

Modernisation and expansion of contract manufacturing

28 employees

2005 - QM System

Introduction of a quality management system, certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

2008 - NEW! Start of the spinning lathe of the Premo row with the Premo 600
2009 - Further development, despite economic crisis

MATEC 5-axis milling centre

Solid Works 2009

New, up-to-date homepage

Appearance at FMB engineering trade fair

Development of a spinning lathe for reflectors

38 employees

2011 - First in-house series production machine, AW tower, Faro measuring arm

The PREMO 600 spinning lathe prototype goes into series production after several years in development.

The HSC 200 milling machine expanded with the AW Tower (compact tool and workpiece changer) to manufacture electrodes in small spaces.

Faro measuring arm added to the equipment for the further improvement and enhancement of the in-house QM system.

36 employees

2012 - Market launch of the PREMO 600 spinning lathe

Series production of the PREMO 600 spinning lathe launched successfully

International trade fair debut at EURO-Blech 2012 with the launch of the PREMO 600 spinning lathe

Distribution, marketing and service department expanded

38 employees

2014 - Fair appearance EuroBlech, development laser-supported pressure
2016 - 25th company anniversary, PREMO 1200 debut and laser pressure, EuroBlech fair appearance
Plan until 2025 - New assembly hall for lathe, EDM and special machine construction