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In Osnabrück  since 1991

Abacus GmbH, Spinning machine, Past and Future

Innovation based on tradition

Abacus GmbH, Production hall

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Mechanical Engineering

Made in Germany

We’re so pleased that you have taken an interest in the Abacus “Made in Germany” quality, because it certainly pays off! For example, in its reliability and durability. That’s because at Abacus, we rely on high-quality components with the highest degree of precision. Or because, with us, you’ll always get more than just a standard solution. Our technicians and engineers use our excellent know-how, state-of-the-art technology and optimal and high-efficient manufacturing process to develop solutions to your exact specifications.


Our services at a glance

Drückmaschine, PREMO 600, Abacus GmbH, Metalldrücken

Spinning lathe PREMO

Spinning in Top Form

The use of servo drives and the absence of hydraulics enables up to 60% more energy efficiency. The significantly shortened conversion and production times, a high reproducible production quality and low maintenance costs are further essential features of the new series of "PREMO" spinning lathes.



We want to help you find solutions or turn your ideas into a reality using our creative design and construction skills.

Software development

We have developed our own optimum, high-performance PPS system for small and medium-sized companies. Clear and flexible.

Control system engineering

We develop various assemblies and devices in the field of microelectronics e.g. for data acquisition or control system technology, according to your specifications.

CNC Milling/ CNC Turning

A CAD/CAM station was added in 2001, which allows us to perform 2 ½-D and 3-D milling operations.


5-axis wire EDM, EDM drilling

Manufacture/ Installation

Installation of complicated equipment and machinery, including mechanical systems, control system technology, switch cabinet construction and software development.


We keep you up-to-date.

Euroblech 2018 in Hannover

Euroblech 2018

A successful trade fair with many new prospects lies behind us and
we would like to thank all visitors.
The demonstration of the new features has arrived very well and has once again
ensured full-length enthusiasm.
And after the fair is before the fair. The booth at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart is booked and the
new PREMO 1000 is already under construction. Be curious.

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"Freeformspinning" with "gemini light"

"Freeformspinning" with "gemini light"

A new, innovative feature from the PREMO software department was presented in Stuttgart: Free-form spinning - with "Gemini light" and a third roller for support.

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Blechexpo 2017 in Stuttgart

Abacus Blechexpo 2017 in Stuttgart Messeteam

For the first time, the Abacus Maschinenbau team was successfully represented at Blechexpo. The PREMO 600 was presented with a 3 in 1 demonstration at an appealing booth in cooperation with our partner WF Machinery.

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