Abacus GmbH, Drückmaschine PREMO, Software

Metal spinning

With one roller

In the simplest form of spinning on a PREMO spinning machine, the blank is clamped between the tailstock and the spinning form and processed with a variable spinning roller. This can be used for locking or projecting.

Roller Changer

If the PREMO spinning machine is equipped with a 4-fold roll changer, the spinning roll can be changed during the running process in approx. 2 seconds, e.g. to take over other tasks.

gemini light

With the gemini light software option, a work step can be carried out on the machine simultaneously with 2 rollers. This enables good spinning results and faster processing.

gemini - 2 Channel Control

By using a 2-channel control system, the main and secondary support can perform completely separate tasks simultaneously.


In flowforming, the gemini light software option is also used to stretch a thin-walled tube from a thick-walled one.

spinning with multifunction axle

If an edge has to be raised or a large circular blank has to provide support when pressing, the optinal multifunctional axis is used. This is used to realise sharp edges or undercuts.

Laser assisted spinning

The PREMO spinning machines can also be equipped with a laser to enable controlled heating of the materials.

One machine - many options

With one - with two paralel equal - with two and different tasks up to a third as support, there are many possibilities. What are your requirements?