Abacus GmbH, HSC 200, Milling Machine

Better milling

A unique machine concept.


The compact high-speed Cutting Zentrum HSC 200 offers ideal performance characteristics for highly flexible hard processing and electrode manufacturing in tool construction and mold making. Excellent surfaces meet perfect reproducibility and high efficiency on a space of only 2 square meters.

All peripheral assemblies, e.g., suction for graphite dust, which in the case of conventional processing centers must be adapted externally, are integrated into the mineral cast machine body without corners and angles.

It’s wonderful that you don’t have to just dream of perfection...

It’s only possible to manufacture electrodes with a high degree of precision when you have a machine design that focuses on stability and optimal coordination of the control system. Innovation and experience in production engineering: the optimum synthesis for your company.

Clear the stage for your electrodes

Present your electrodes in a very special way. Have you decided to use an electrode material? We have the right machine for you. Do you want to be able to continue to work flexibly with your chosen materials in the future? The MiCon has a modular design and is very versatile.

As solid as a rock…

Conventional milling machines usually consist of several mechanical engineering components. MiCon is different. It consists of one single mineral cast block from top to bottom. There is nothing more stable than this. Abacus is taking a completely new approach. Our main focus is uncompromisingly on the workpiece.

Draw the Curtain!

The workplace shows off its best side: simply neat and clean! A machine isn’t just about top performance: it may as well look good. The matte stainless steel cover protects the precise guiding mechanics and also has a robust appearance.

The right spindle for every user

The vibration-dampening machine body is suitable for use in almost all performance categories! 42,000 1/min and output of up to 13 kW provides sufficient reserves. The spindles of the MiCon are continuously cooled to ensure optimal results.

Hush, hush!

The layout of the directions of the Z-axis with the spindle is unique. The solid mineral cast body guarantees optimal vibration damping. The stability of this unusual machine design significantly reduces the risk of “chatter marks” on the workpiece.

Minimum amount lubrication: gentle and efficient:

The minimum lubrication is ideally suited to the MiCon. Like the other components, it is fully integrated into the body of the machine without any corners or edges. The MiCon ensures optimal cooling and lubrication properties through sensitive regulation, in conjunction with the oil mist suction which is the best thing that can happen to your workpiece!

Suction like no other!

MiCon has separate suction ducts for oil mist and graphite dust. The workspace stays clean in all conditions. Well thought-out details, made by Abacus, made in Germany! The oil mist suction is located right at the centrifuge path of the spindle.

Faster than fast!

The new CNC control system is based on fast PC technology with RTX real-time extension and full network integration of course. The block processing speed is up to 1500 blocks/second. The adaptive look-ahead technology ensures optimum output, even with complex milling geometries. The user interface is interactive and can be controlled at the tap of a fingertip. Touchscreen technology at its best.

Traverse range MiCon HSC
X-axis 200 mm
Y-axis 250 mm
Z-axis 250 mm
Rapid traverse 12 m/min
Feed rate 0.001 – 12 m/min
Width 1.200 mm
Depth 1.650 mm
Height* 2.550 mm
Unit weight 2.950 kg
Speed bis 42.000 min-1
Peak output 13 KW
Steady output 3.0 KW
Tool holder HSK 40-E
Tool clamping hydraulisch
Collet chuck up to 16 mm


  • Mobile control panel
  • Oil mist extraction
  • Minimum amount lubricationg
  • Toll measurement
  • Clamping system
  • 20 or 40-way tool changer
  • Automatic workpiece magazine