Blechexpo 2023

Blechexpo 2023

Another highlight of the trade fair was:

PREMO Smart Service 4.0

PREMO SmartService 4.0 is a system for the digitalisation of Premo spinning machines. With the help of this system, production, product quality and maintenance can be optimised in the long term in order to meet growing requirements and be future-proof. Premo SmartService 4.0 comprises a software solution and a collection of sensors that enable advanced analyses of your Premo spinning machines.

Goals and added value of this system:

    Minimise downtimes
    Transparent production - making problems visible
    Identify damage in good time
    Localise damage in a targeted manner
    Digitally secure expertise
    Optimise maintenance
    Save costs

And how?

Premo SmartService 4.0 continuously monitors a large number of sensors on your Premo spinning machine. This measurement data is analysed by the system using algorithms. This allows the customer to read out machine statuses at any time and receive notifications via e-mail or push messages in the event of critical operating statuses.

The web technology allows you to access Premo SmartService 4.0 with several end devices at the same time. This can be done with any web-enabled end device - whether computer, tablet or smartphone - there are no limits.

Local - Keep your data directly on your machine. Premo SmartService 4.0 can be operated locally in your company network without Internet access. This offers you protection against hacker attacks and industrial espionage. At the customer's request, we can of course offer you solutions for accessing your Premo SmartService 4.0 worldwide via a secure connection.

Condition monitoring

Intelligent Messaging

Smart Reporting

Machine Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Predictive Maintenance

Remote maintenance

Summarised: One system for all tasks - from a single source

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