Abacus GmbH Drückmaschine PREMO 1200

PREMO 1200 / 1200 HD

Force meets flexibility

Thanks to the latest technology, it is possible to achieve excellent surfaces with short glossing times, perfect reproducibility and high efficiency, whilst maintaining low rejection quotas. With its various user-friendly innovations and compact design, the Premo 1200 is the future of metal spinning machines.

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Abacus Drückmaschine PREMO 1200 Förderung

Polymer cast machine casing

With integrated spindle stock and main spindle in accordance with DIN 55027 size 11

Main spindle

max. output 47 KW; speed range switchable 400 / 1500 1/min


force and path freely programmable, travel 130 mm, max. 15 KN


force and path freely programmable; stopping distance 850 mm; force of up to 60 KN

Software package



„Beckhoff touchscreen“

Main tool turret

slides for 1 tool / fixed roller mount with spring assembly, traverse range: X-axis 650 mm; Z-axis 850 mm incl. tool / roller mount

Secondary tool slides

slides for 1 placement support and/or cutting tool mount

Control cabinet

With air conditioning

Mobile control panel

optimal positioning for the user

Control system

Beckhoff TwinCAT-CNC

Powder-coated casing

with 3 manual opening doors

Side waste outlet