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PREMO Smart Service

The new maintenance management system PREMO Smart Service 4.0 is a constantly growing concept from our company. Created to meet the needs of machine monitoring, it is constantly being expanded with new services.

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is the monitoring of the machine's status by means of sensors fitted on or within essential components. Here, for example, temperature, vibrations, humidity, etc., are measured in order to detect problems in the machine at an early stage.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance provides a maintenance management system. Here, maintenance is planned and clearly displayed. The system reports pending Maintenance and logs completed maintenance intervals.

Remote Mainenance

Via AR glasses, tablet, or cell phone, the customer receives support for questions, technical problems, or maintenance work done by the company's own employees.

Machine Lifecycle Management

For us and our customers, it is of elementary importance to keep a constant eye on the history of the machine. Machine lifecycle management is used for this purpose. Every maintenance and all service interventions are logged historically and can be traced for years.

Product Lifecycle Management

This important tool enables the customer to track the manufactured product. After production, a QR code is generated in which all the required project data is attached.