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PREMO Smart Service

Less complexity - more profit - rethinking spinning

Get comprehensive production, product quality and maintenance analytics.

Increase production / Minimise downtimes / Detect failures at an early stage

Secure know-how digitally / Optimise maintenance / Save costs

Demonstrate sustainability

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is the continuous condition monitoring of machines using sensors that are installed on critical components or assemblies. Here, for example, temperatures, vibrations, power and much more are measured in order to recognise any problems occurring in the machine at an early stage and take measures in good time. PREMO SmartService 4.0 offers you the option of accessing past measurement data in real time or via the history at any time.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance makes it possible to predict the failure of machine components with the help of measurement data before a machine comes to a standstill so that appropriate maintenance measures can be carried out in good time. This minimises avoidable downtimes.

Remote maintenance from where and how you want


Remote maintenance enables a deep insight into the machine with the help of AR glasses, a tablet or smartphone, for example. Problems can be localised very easily using this technology. Remote maintenance allows our customers to be supported by Abacus maintenance personnel. When maintenance is required, Abacus service technicians guide customers to specific components and support them in their maintenance activities.

SMART Machine Lifecycle Management

All maintenance and service calls are logged historically and can be traced over the entire life cycle of the machine. Seamless logging makes it possible to save the maintenance staff's expertise and problem solutions directly in PREMO SmartService 4.0. Maintenance forms and checklists are generated and saved to ensure optimum collaboration and communication between the client and maintenance staff.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product lifecycle management makes it possible to individually track the basic and process data of each production part produced on your Premo spinning machines. This enables optimum quality management and forms the data basis for production analyses, such as OEE and other key figures. For production parts with special quality requirements, it is possible to generate individual QR codes after production and make the production part 100% traceable with these codes.

Push Notification

Intelligent communication of digital applications. As soon as a measured value of the monitoring exceeds its specific limit value, a fully automated message is sent via system by e-mail or push message directly to the responsible employees.


The shop offers you the possibility to order spare parts, operating materials and accessories directly from Abacus with just a few clicks. In this way, sources of error in procurement can be  and optimise the maintenance of the Premo spinning machines.


Premo SmartService 4.0 provides a solution for intelligent reports to provide core information on production of parts, machine operation, energy consumption (electricity, compressed air, etc.) and upcoming maintenance, compressed air, etc.) The reports can be sent weekly, monthly or quarterly.