Here you will find a technical overview and performance variants of our PREMO spinning machines:

  • PREMO 600 / 600 HD
  • PREMO 1000 / 1000 HD
  • PREMO 1200 / 1200 HD



The PREMO spinning machines convince with their versatile processing possibilities. Classic CNC spinning, CNC turning, CNC milling automation and much more.



Your individual machine can be equipped not only for simple spinning parts, but also for highly complex products with a wide range of machining options in a single operation.



Our in-house operating software and control technology shines through its modular structure. Our customer gets it individually adapted to his needs.

Smart Service


PREMO Smart Service

- Condition Monitoring

- Predicive Maintenance

- Remote Maintenance

The best spinning machines on the market

Metal spinning is a matter of trust. And you should only trust the best. But what characterises us? Our claim is to combine innovation with healthy pragmatism. We have been living this since day one of PREMO's success story, when we were the first to develop completely new spinning machines. Back then, the market said: "The world spins horizontally - it will never work". We proved the opposite. We plan, design and manufacture our spinning machines with this desire for perfection. You will experience the difference.

Metal spinning is a matter of trust - therefor PREMO

Do you need arguments as to why you should opt for PREMO spinning machines? We can supply you with 12 of them:

100% Servo-Machines

State-of-the-art drive technology in all axes for high-precision positioning and repeat accuracy. This prevents the temperature-related fluctuations that occur in machines with hydraulic drives. Our modern control cabinets are equipped with active climate control technology. PREMO servo machines are energy-saving (up to 64% energy consumption compared to hydraulically driven machines).

Vertical spinning

We have turned the spinning process on its head and thus utilise gravity. The blank is placed on the spinning mould and the finished spun part does not fall out of the machine. The operator has optimum access to the mould and the spinning products.


The optional four-fold turret on the main axis with four pressure roller holders incl. pre-set spring assembly works with a changeover time of < 2 sec.


The freely programmable angular position, which can also be swivelled during machining, ensures an optimum flow of force on the workpiece. This leads to an optimised sickling process and enables higher speeds and feed rates. The result is a better surface quality over the entire contour and less wear on the spinning roller. This means that several radii can be utilised on one spinning roller. All this is possible within a swivelling range of 90 to 30 degrees.


Our turret offers versatile and almost unlimited possibilities for holding insertion aids, cutting knives, flanging, flanging and embossing rollers and other auxiliary tools. As an option, the turrets can be equipped with driven tools so that engraving, drilling and even complex milling work can be carried out on the PREMO spinning machine. The "Engraving or milling technology" software package can be customised to meet our customers' individual requirements.

Gemini spinning (2 rollers parallel)

The newly developed "gemini light" feature in the PREMO control system makes it possible to move an opposing roller on the secondary turret in parallel. This means that the smallest spinning chucks can be used and demanding materials and complicated geometries can be formed effortlessly. Free-form spinning (spinning without a spinning mould) can also be easily implemented with this technology.


By using a dual-channel control system, the main and secondary support can perform completely separate tasks in parallel. This can significantly reduce production times and therefore significantly increase added value.

Precise forces and laser measurement

Force measurement directly on the spinning rollers and laser measurement of the spinning rollers (roller contours and wear corrections) ensure high-precision, consistent quality during production.


The roller works synchronised with the turret at any angle and in any position and can be programmed for distance and/or force. This patented highlight takes the word "sharp-edged" to a new dimension when raising - even at 90 degrees.


High-precision mould measurement enables our customers to continue to make optimum use of existing and reworked moulds. However, it also helps to optimise production processes and thus increases the quality of the products.

Fully Automated metal spinning

The automation of the PREMO series is the logical step towards increasing productivity and system efficiency and therefore the overall added value. The automation (software package: PREMO-Automation), which has already been used several times and implemented in our control system, guarantees optimised production. The result is perfect harmonisation of the individual production steps through to the smooth "choreography" of the processes, waiting positions and placement of the workpieces. Immediate notifications of faults in the system or excessive tolerance deviations in the workpieces can be sent by SMS or e-mail. This enables prompt troubleshooting and therefore the fastest possible resumption of the production process.

Software made by Abacus

The PREMO software, developed in close cooperation with our customers, ensures intuitive and practical operation. Individual features can be added one after the other for the various work steps, individually configured and optionally executed. The innovative software features leave room for customised application options and make it easier for new customers to get started with pressing. No programming experience is required to use PREMO.