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Abacus GmbH, Milling, CNC machines

Competence in machining

As our company only uses modern CNC machinery in production and the capacity is not fully utilized in our custom machine construction, contract manufacturing for external companies has also become an established part of our business.

Our CAD/CAM-station allows us to perform 2 ½-D and 3-D milling operations.

Overview of the technical data of our CNC machinery:

4-5 axis CNC milling …consists of the following CNC processing centres:
Make: MATEC 30 HV 30 HV 30 HV 30 HV
X-axis travel: 4000 mm 3000 mm 4000 mm 3000 mm
Y-axis travel: 600 mm 600 mm 825 mm 600 mm
Z-axis travel: 800 mm 800 mm 1000 mm 800 mm
Swivel axis: +/- 1° (90°) +/- 1° (90°) +/- 1° (90°) +/- 3° (90°)
Control system: Heidenhain TNC 430 Bosch OSA 3 NUM 1060 Beckhoff TwinCat CNC
Tools: 36 48 48 48
5-axis CNC rotary tabel: ja ja ja ja
Make: Mazak VARIAXIS I-600
X-axis travel: 510 mm
Y-axis travel: 910 mm
Z-axis travel: 510 mm
Control system: Siemens 840D sl
Tools: 40
Abacus GmbH, CNC milling machines, CNC Milling, Mazak
CNC turning …the following CNC machinery along with conventional machinery:
Max. swing: 770 mm
Machining diameter: 560 mm
Machining length: 978 mm
Bar machining: to 116,5 mm
Tool positions: 12
Abacus GmbH, CNC Turning Machines, CNC-Turning, DOOSAN
Max. swing: 600 mm
Machining diameter: 460 mm
Machining length: 558 mm
Bar machining: to 65 mm
Tool positions: 12
Abacus GmbH, CNC Turning Machines, CNC-Turning, MTCut
Make: Gildemeister CTX 400
Max. swing: 500 mm
Machining diameter: 290 mm
Machining length: 640 mm
Bar machining: to 62 mm
Tool positions: 12
Produktionshalle, Abacus GmbH, CNC Maschinen, CNC-Drehen
Overview of the technical data of our Eroding Machine Park:
Workpiece dimensions X/Y/Z: 1200/700/400
Movement range X-/Y-/Z-Axis: 550/350/400
Movement range U-/V-Axis: 550/350
Rotationaxis: Resolution; 0.15
Make for: Heun APos 600 P
Workpiece X/Y/Z: 600/480/350
Movement range X/Y/Z: 600/400/350
Workpiece kg: bis 300 kg
Bore diameter: 0.1 – 3mm
Tool places: 12